Join Us! Democrats of Greater Irvine April 28 Club Event (2019)

April 28, 2019 Democrats of Greater Irvine Club Event

Friends & Neighbors,

Lots has been happening in Irvine politics!

With a vacancy on the Irvine City Council, new Republican Mayor Christina Shea and the Council Members are debating the succession of the vacant seat. This will be a topic of discussion with everyone at our next club event on April 28. We are excited to provide food and refreshments for all guests!

Event Time: Sunday, April 28 from 2pm-4pm
Address: IRWD Duck Club, 15 Riparian View, Irvine (google maps linked)

Our April 28 event program includes:

  • Special Guest Ada Briceño, Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County and Co-Chair of Unite Here Local 11, a LA/OC workers union.
  • Irvine City Issues Updates from City Councilwomen Farrah Khan & Melissa Fox.
  • Discussion about the Irvine City Council vacancy with guest City Council Members, DGI board, and attendees.
  • DGI Bylaws updates, membership approval required: Our bylaws are being updated to reflect new county party requirements and to clean up old provisions. Please see the proposed bylaws updates at this link. 
  • DGI Board Appointments: An interim treasurer, Ritesh Srivastava, and an interim vice chair, Kev Abazajian, have been appointed. This month there will be a brief special election for the board positions. Floor nominations are open on 4/28 and at

If you’re not already a DGI member, please consider signing up to join our club as an official member or donating to support us. We are a grassroots, all-volunteer club dedicated to engaging in local politics and building a stronger, more inclusive Democratic Party in Irvine.

DGI’s 2019-2020 Board Members:
Chair: Jutta Gamboa
Interim 1st Vice Chair: Kev Abazajian
2nd Vice Chair: Cassius “Cash” Rutherford
Secretary: Reema Saad
Interim Treasurer: Ritesh Srivastava