About DGI

As the officially chartered Democratic Party Club for the City of Irvine, the Democrats of Greater Irvine Club shall focus its efforts within the City of Irvine to advance the goals of the Democratic Party as defined by the platforms of the California Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee. The Club’s objectives are to foster active interest in the local, state and national Democratic Party, to contribute to the Democratic Party of Orange County leadership, to support the campaigns of Democratic candidates representing the Club’s constituency, and to engage in grassroots outreach, organizing and recruitment within its area or special interest or cultural community. The Club shall seek to publicize activities, and to build its membership from registered Democrats within the City and surrounding areas of Irvine.

The Democrats of Greater Irvine registers Democratic voters; organizes and conducts precinct walks in support of Democratic candidates and issues of importance to the Party; and promotes and advances the Democratic Party and ideals of Democratic government.

If you’re not already a DGI member, please consider signing up to join our club as a member or donating to support us. We are a grassroots, all-volunteer club dedicated to engaging in local politics and building a stronger, more inclusive Democratic Party in Irvine.

DGI’s 2019-2020 Club Officers:

Chair: Jutta Gamboa
1st Vice Chair: Kev Abazajian
2nd Vice Chair: Cassius “Cash” Rutherford
Secretary: Reema Saad
Treasurer: Ritesh Srivastava
Youth Representative: Joshua Block
Fundraising Chair: Laleh Alvandi
Hospitality Chair: Naz Hamid

To contact us, please email demsofirvine@gmail.com.