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UPDATE About the Campaign for an Irvine City Council Special Election 

May 3, 2019

Thank you! We want to thank the dozens of volunteers and the many Irvine voters who supported the petition campaign for a special election for City Council in Irvine over the last month.

Volunteers spent many hours going door to door, signing up voters on petitions in front of various Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s and other retail stores, signing up attendees on petitions at elected officials’ town halls, signing up student voters at UCI and other campuses, and asking fellow Irvine voters to sign our petition online.

Many of us have also attended and spoken at Irvine City Council meetings supporting a special election. Please join us at the next Irvine City Council meeting, starting at 4PM on Tuesday, May 14 – please RSVP here.

Unfortunately, we did not make it. Today is the deadline to file petition signatures with the city, and we don’t have quite enough.

We started this campaign with no money, no volunteers, a tight deadline and an ambitious goal. A little less than a month later, we still have no money 🙂 – we’ve been an all-volunteer operation, with no paid staff and no paid petition gatherers – but we have many volunteers, and many voters better aware of and supporting a special election. We’ve accomplished a lot, and built the start of a campaign.

This phase is over but THE CAMPAIGN FOR AN IRVINE CITY COUNCIL SPECIAL ELECTION CONTINUES! We are mobilizing to once again urge the City Council to Let Irvine Voters DecidePlease join us at the next Irvine City Council meeting, starting at 4PM on Tuesday, May 14 – please RSVP here.

Let Irvine Voters Decide!




We need your help to sign up Irvine voters on the petition to call an Election for Irvine’s vacant City Council seat! We have a little less than two weeks left to get at least 10,000 Irvine voters signed up. This is an all-volunteer effort – we have no paid petitioners.

Some basic info: any (and ONLY) voters registered to vote in Irvine can sign the petition. The person signing up other voters must also be a voter registered to vote in Irvine and must complete the affidavit at the bottom of each petition.

Any person signing up other voters must return the original signed petition(s) to the organizers no later than April 30, 2019, and ideally much sooner – as soon as the person signing up other voters has filled out each petition page. A volunteer will pick up the petition paper from you as soon as you have filled it out!

If you’re not 100% sure that you’re registered to vote in Irvine, check your voter registration info here .

If you have questions or concerns please call 518-405-9231 or 951-265-0461 or e-mail us

  1. Please first go here and sign up to download a petition form to volunteer, OR go here and sign the petition online with a photo of your signature. Please share the link with friends.
  2. Here’s a sample ‘rap’ to use encouraging others to sign.
  3. To volunteer with us, please choose a day or days below – then choose a location to petition at, choose the Petitioner ‘role’ and ‘shifts’.

A volunteer will contact you for your shift. Volunteers are on standby to pick up a petition from you as soon as you have filled it out! Please text or call us at 518-405-9231 or 951-265-0461.

Remember, petitioning in public spaces and at shopping centers is protected free speech! Property managers cannot call the police on you for exercising your protected first amendment rights. If/when you’re in front of a Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Ralph’s, Albertson’s, etc and a manager etc hands you a form letter saying that petition signature gathering or “solicitation” “isn’t allowed” and/or want to give you a “warning” about trespassing while on the sidewalk collecting sigs, you can advise them of the provisions of the Irvine Free Speech Ordinance:

“No person shall interfere with the exercise of free speech rights by persons within areas open to the general public in shopping centers, apartment complexes and other private or public property open to the general public. As used in this section, “free speech rights” shall mean the right to freedom of speech, the right to solicit and collect signatures on petitions and the right to distribute literature or display temporary signs or placards of a political nature; provided such acitivities do not result in the obstruction of entrances, exits or passageways or create a threat to public safety. “[bold emphasis added]